About the Rambling Bricklayer

Graham Hevey: The Rambling Bricklayer:

graham T harvey

Hi friends. just a few paragraphs so you can get to know me a little more each week, I will add to this page on a weekly basis.

My name is Graham Hevey, the Rambling Bricklayer. I have been sober for approximately 10 years. Much of these past 10 years have been pretty much good sobrriety, which is more than I can say for the two prior years that I spent in Alcoholics Anonymous. All I did was attend meetings and not much more, apart from talk rubbish that is. Finally, after 3 relapses, I was taken through the 12 step programmes as outlined in the book called Alcoholics Anonymous, fondly known as the Big Book. Life was renewed and I certainly have got to know peace.

I live in my home town Southend On sea, Essex, England, which is approximately 30 miles from London. I  go to the Trinity Church, which is a Methodist church on London Road. To be honest I have never really had any affinifty to any type of church, I simply love scripture and will attend any where that is scriptural lead. I love Catholicism and protestantism alike, Amen.

This blog is all about how I have managed to find a faith in Jesus, and how many other addicts I know have not. How I have managed to desipher the difference between morals and spiritual truth, how separated these two are. This blog details how little I knew about how to live life before finding scripture; the little I knew about Jesus and how He became the word made flesh. Uni-verse = one-word Jesus. He was connected totally, that’s all there is to it, oh, and the cross and the ressurection of course.

I love it how we at church can discuss Jesus forever, where I walk home feeling refreshed, and still wanting to know more. This journey is painful at times but still brilliant, like the light would be expected coming from Jesus. Okay, my aim is that you too get a church, God bless.




1 thought on “About the Rambling Bricklayer”

  1. How wonderful to have you following my blog. I am honored. I will be praying for your continued strength to fight the battle within. It’s not easy but putting priorities in place is definitely one of the first steps. Strive for excellence, not perfection. There is nothing you can’t do with God by your side! If I can answer any health questions please don’t hesitate to ask me. Blessings,


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